The SU are going to giveaway free kitchenware

Hopefully they’ll have rolling pins


For those of us still surviving on the dregs of our summer cash, the SU are hosting a free kitchenware shop today and Wednesday.

Kitchen equipment will be available to anyone who enjoys a bargain and is looking to get set up quickly.

The supplies have been donated largely by Sheff grads, and the excess equipment previously used by the University catering staff.

All the essentials

Andrew Woffindin, the Uni’s Environmental Co-ordinator said: “We used to give away anything from quilts, duvets and pillowcases to second-hand clothes, but we took on board comments from students and found that what they were really after was kitchen items.”

The recycling event comes as a part of a larger initiative run by the SU every year, which encourages the recycling and reuse of old equipment.

As well as being used in the free shop, stock has also been donated to local charities.

Joanna Freedman, an English third year and kitchenware fanatic said: “Literally what a treat. I’ve been after a new casserole dish for a while now but just can’t afford John Lewis anymore. I’ll definitely be popping down.”

There will be two free shops, the first of which is taking place between 13:00-15:00 on the 17th September in the Activities and Sports Zone in the SU.

The second shop will be open during intro week at the Edge dining room in Endcliffe Village between 13:00-14:30 on Wednesday 23rd September.

Those wanting to buy knives will have to bring photographic ID to prove they are over 18.