Aslan’s has shut down again and it seems to be for good

It’s boarded up and everything


After a turbulent month of mysterious closures and reopenings, the wondrous Aslan’s now appears to fully shut down for good.

A fortnight ago we reported Aslan’s had reopened again after a week long closure, believed to be due to to rent issues.

But it is with great sadness we reveal that the our favourite fast food haunt was not only closed this weekend, but is now fully boarded up and padlocked shut.


Another sign regarding tennancy had been been put up on the window, and since been ripped down.

It is unclear what the sign said, but a similar notice was put up several weeks back, and “non payment of rent” being visible.

The sign that was put up following the initial closure

Pete, a second year Economist who previously described the re-opening of Aslan’s as “kind of like the resurrection of Christ” said he is “devastated” by the news.

He added: “You can see why people lose faith in this day and age”.

Aslan was unavailable for comment.

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