Devastated Economists start petition after exam from Hell

They’ve started a hashtag #ecn303travesty

Third year Economists are in the process of submitting an online petition to the SU, after a particularly scandalous exam paper left them unable to answer questions yesterday. 

The incensed class have complained that they were misled about the mathematical nature of the questions, and that topics came up that had not been covered in class or even set as extra reading.

The paper in question

The group have formed an online petition in a desperate outcry against the Economics department, which gained 49 signatures in under 2 hours and will be submitted to the SU later today.

Fair play

In a state of post-exam fury, students voiced their outrage on Twitter using the hashtag #ecn303travesty. Some even tweeted the module lecturer David Cuberes, describing the exam as ‘completely unfair’.

Third year Economist, Chloe Maycock, described the ordeal as “literally the worst exam I’ve done in my life….I’d rather spend an evening with Nigel Farage than go through that again.”

ECN303 victims are still recovering from the appalling ordeal

She also said: “everyone agrees that it was nothing like any of the past papers or lectures, what an absolute joke.”

Fellow ECN303 victims also agree, with one student tweeting that it “may as well have been written in Chinese”.

Since yesterdays tragic events, the Economics department have circulated an email reassuring that they are “giving proper consideration into the concern”, but that students won’t hear back from them until the end of the month.