Is this the best student flat in the country?

Three Sheffield students live in this penthouse flat, complete with gym room and hot tub – and they threw a party for us.


We all know someone who has a pretty sweet student flat.

Maybe they have a flashy kitchen. Or a couple of great sofas on a carpet that actually feels like a carpet rather than a scouring pad.

The Tab has found a student flat that tops it all.

This is a penthouse flat in the West One apartment complex on Cavendish Street, and rather than being inhabited by well-to-do young professionals, it is home to three fourth-year IT management students from the University of Sheffield.

Let’s have a look around.

Yes that’s a gaming chair

It has a kitchen


…next to the Ping-Pong table, which is INDOORS.


Who doesn’t like lady boys?

This is getting silly now

And finally… the hot tub

Lawrence Russell is one of those three tenants, and he told The Tab how they ended up in these quite extraordinary digs.

“We all took a placement year and managed to save up some extra money to avoid a mould infested shit hole like the one we had in our second year. Back in November 2012, we took a day off work to come up here and make sure we put a deposit down on the day it became available.”

How much does all this set you back? Readers might be surprised to know that at £99 a week, its still cheaper than your average student flat in London.

“The view is brilliant, but in summer the glass wall turns the place in to a greenhouse and it is surprisingly unpleasant. Likewise in the winter, it’s freezing. In fact there’s probably been one month in total where the temperature has been tolerable…. but that’s us being picky.”

And for those of you wondering what a penthouse beach party looks like – we agreed. Luckily, Lawrence invited the Tab along to one, and we duly obliged – clad in our finest beachy shirts.

Baby you’re a firework

Not your typical student bath

Your editor Sam. In a paddling pool.

When asked what the best thing about having a penthouse was, Lawrence said: “Rent one and find out! The past year has had some hilarious moments.

“You can have some pretty decent parties and pre drinks. There’s been a fair few occasions where we’ve gone to a club and after ten minutes we have decided to come back and party at ours with people as it’s way more fun.

“If anyone wants to live in West One, it is worth the extra bit of cash! Besides, you will never need to take a taxi from a night out up to Crookes ever again.”