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Union in U-turn over useless club names

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The Students’ Union today backtracked on plans to rename its club venues following complaints from only 9% of students.

An online referendum was created last month by the SU in the face of criticism over its nightclub name change.

SUit you, sir

An initial petition received 1,100 signatures opposing the two rooms of the renovated Foundry and Fusion nightclub being renamed as “The Den” and “The Soundroom”.

After 2,160 respondents opposed the change, the Union decided to revert to the original names in spite of widespread apathy.

ROAR and Pop Tarts regular – and cricket legend – Phil ‘JB’ Owen told The Tab: “nobody cares what the SU call their new club, as long they move their nights out of the Octagon.”

Anything but this…

Petition starter David Hodgson remained adamant about the issue, branding the proposed names “awful” and “unimaginative”, while SU Activities Officer pointed to “the large number of votes in favour of Foundry, Fusion and Studio” as reason for the U-turn.

Whatever the name, it doesn’t DENt The Tab’s support for the new venue.