Sheffield Students’ Union set to introduce ‘sniffer dogs’ and ‘ID scanners’ in response to student death

The decision comes after a review of their license

EXCLUSIVE: Mike Skinner & Chris Lorenzo to play Tuesday Club Summer Carnival

Holy Goof, Wookie and Swindle will also be there

Forge hub to stay open: SU bow to social media pressure

Power to the people

The SU are installing free condom machines

Now there’s no excuse

SU Strikes Wrong Notes for Chemistry Students

Students’ Union Officers have protected their students’ rights this morning…by abusing them for turning up to lectures.

Students to Co-operate on Housing

Sick of lazy landlords and ridiculous rents? One group of Sheffield students is campaigning to take housing into their own hands.


A portrait of Malcolm X in Coffee Revolution has caused a stir for some students.

F-Inox Dining

Sheffield has a new home of fine dining. It’s on Level 5…

Soundroom of Democracy

Union in U-turn over useless club names