Self-isolation more like CELEBRATION: Here’s RHUL’s bachelor and bachelorette winners!

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for

After all the anticipation, a couple stressful weeks, the start of a literal pandemic and four rounds of voting we finally have our winners! It’s what everyone has been waiting for, a little bit fun in amongst all the deadline stress, strikes and deadly virus outbreaks.

Izzy Mepstead, English and Creative Writing, Second Year

Izzy is now offically RHUL’s most eligible bachelorette with a whopping 548 votes, bow down to your queen!

I may as well drop out now, since I got what I came for! Thank you to my very supportive harem and to whoever voted!

Josh Funnell, PIR, Third Year

You all voted Josh as the most eligible bachelor with a staggering 938 votes! Something about a boy in a suit seemed to win you all over. Anyone want to join him for a pint?

“I’d like to thank the chaps from Fives for pushing hard and spreading the word to achieve this fantastic result. You really do love to see it. This is an accolade that will forever feature on the Tinder profile. Pints to celebrate?”

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