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RHUL vs Surrey Varsity cancelled due to coronavirus precautions

Information about Varsity and other related plans

The Royal Holloway Student Union have just confirmed that Varsity 2020, the annual sports competition between Surrey and Royal Holloway, will be cancelled and postponed to third term if possible.

This comes as part of their latest update on how the SU plans to manage the “delay” phase of the coronavirus plan.

The article realised today (13th March) by the SU has stated multiple ways in which they are planning to tackle the virus. The most important points made in the article are:

• Varsity due to be held on the 25th March will be cancelled and rescheduled for third term

• Limited tickets sales to the SU events

• A removal of the ability to purchase guest tickets for SU events

• Non-ticketed events such as Toast will require a college card for entry

• Groups with overseas trips booked to contact the Student opportunities team immediately

For more information go to their Facebook page or the SU website.

More general updates on how RHUL plans to handle the coronavirus can be found here. So far, Paul Layzell has said the aims of the University is to move towards online based teaching, most departments are handling this independently letting their students known, but more information is said to be provided next week.

The most recent email also states that the University encourages students “to continue to attend in order that you have the maximum benefit from your classes, the library and other academic services” and that those who live in halls are not to worry as “even if the government moves to announce the closure of schools, colleges and universities, you will be able to continue living in your room and, if you live in catered halls, your meals will continue to be provided for you.”

If you are worried about your health in regards to the virus be sure to call 111 or follow the instructions on the NHS coronavirus web page. Overall, stay safe, do the most you are able to do and follow the instructions given by the government and the NHS whilst we await further information.