Vote: What’s the best worst thing a ROHO student has done on a night out?

Turns out you are all horrible people x

I have a genuine problem that affects me nearly every day and that I’ve dealt with for my whole life. It’s a deep-rooted issue and nearly a decade of counseling and online personality tests are yet to tell me why. The problem is me, I’m my own worst problem.

For some unknown reason, I sometimes like to take the piss, wind up people and just generally become an unreasonable menace when I’m drunk –  in particular, when I drink Vodka. It doesn’t matter if its Grey Goose or Glen’s, once vodka enters my system it seems to spark this inner gobshite that for the most part, stays hidden when sober.

I didn’t read too much into it until last term when I went to my friend’s house and tried to throw a bottle onto a moving car from her balcony. Why? I would love to tell you. I would also love to tell you why I once told a guy at Meds that my grandad was a kamikaze warrior and got a free drink out of it. Or the time I convinced a boy in the smoking area, who was moaning that he didn’t have condoms that night, that if he peed in his girlfriend after he cam, she couldn’t get pregnant because the cum and piss cancel each other out (if you own a penis, please don’t ever try this).


Safe to say, Voddy-May has a lot of bad, weird, illegal and just plain mortifying things when drunk and to feel better about it, I asked ROHO students on Instagram what the worst things they’ve done after a few and I’m happy to confirm, you’re all as bad as me.

Please take a look below at the Highlights of Horrors™️ and vote below which you think the best worst thing a ROHO student has done on a night out.

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you’re plane crazy x

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a lost Claus x

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“I said nut ON me, not nut me :(“

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condragulations, this made me gag x

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hare-raising antics x

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you’ve hit a really blow point in your life x

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SU stole your sole x

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Brexit means Brexit x

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get hard or go home x

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born to pee a star x

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Bit of a shitty night x


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shit the bed x