Royal Holloway’s Most Eligible Bachelorette: Round One

You’ve had the first round of the boys, now… here come the girls

We have already given you our first 4 eligible bachelors and the votes are flooding in. It is now time for you to show just as much enthusiasm and getting voting for the girls. We present to you, your first four beautiful ladies.

Jess Wideman, PIR, Third Year

“I feel quite flattered to be nominated to be honest”

Reason for nomination: “I think she finally deserves he chance to get to be in the spotlight for once. She is a fun loving girl. She absolutely loves Disney and Harry Potter and has met numerous cast members and watched the movies tons of times”

Chloe Storer, History, Third Year

“I’m as shocked to be nominated as you are to see me.”

Reason for nomination: “Chlo has been a bit unlucky in love but now it’s time for her to be treated like the princess she is; don’t be fooled though, she is a princess by day but absolute sesh head by night. She can sing the whole Horrible Histories theme song from memory.”

Dominique-Karis Amponsah, Biology, Third Year

“You’ve seen me around campus. I look nothing like my photo. I’m in my pajammies. You’re gonna vote for me anyway though xo”

Reason for nomination: “She’s been back on campus for the year and she’s brought such joy back here. She’s always dancing and saying hello to everyone and she’s so freaking sexy she just doesn’t know it. I always listen to her on the student radio and stuff plus she really doesn’t give a crap and doesn’t what she wants because she wants to or because it’s a niceness thing to do and I wish I was the same. She could kill a man with her tits.”

Georgia De Souza, Film, TV and Digital Production, Third Year

“Thanks for whoever nominated me, made my hangover more bearable.”

Reason for nomination: “She’s a complete fitty, absolutely hilarious and a queen. She once had to pay £25 for vomiting in the su when no vomit occurred #justiceforgeorgia.”

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