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Vote for Royal Holloway’s BNOC 2019: Round one

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BNOC: Biggest Name of Campus. Who will you crown certified most popular at RoHo?

We asked you to nominate the biggest, loudest and most well-known names on campus, and you didn't disappoint. Get voting for RoHo's BNOC 2019, don't forget to head over to our Instagram to find out more about this lot.

Lily Arama Sánchez, Mathematics with French, first year

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"Hey bud it’s me again. Have a grand list of reasons why I’m famous so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t vote for me."

Tom Soal, Computer Sciences, second year

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"Winning this award would mean a lot to me as my LinkedIn is looking a bit tame and could do with a boost. Part time alcoholic, social league GOAT, tidier of gym weights, 17th Best Tom on Campus, and all round slightly above average guy."

Lucy O'Neill, English, third Year

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"Third year English student who's about to graduate but still gets confused when spelling tomato. Loves her friends and lives for a pasty and a good cup of tea."

Modupe Reis, English, third year

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"In first year, people kept saying I was “bait” and I didn’t know what it meant (I went to school in Canterbury so London slang isn’t my forte ?). When I asked a friend and he told me, I immediately said 'wtf no I’m not bait'. He looked at me, laughed, and said 'that’s exactly what bait people say'."

Arveen Graya, Psychology, first year

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"I cook a banging mac and cheese even though i'm lactose intolerant, but I also order cheeseless 'pizza'."