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10 Netflix shows you are definitely going to want to watch during or after exam season

My faves from me to you

Exam stress is getting to us all. Whether you have 1 or 6 exams, they're all hell. People always say not to start a new show in exams but we all do it, so I might as well recommend my top 10 favourites so that you can procrastinate in style.

If it's a dissertation hand in, late night revision or procrastination sessions, an exam that went well, or badly, or even that essay grade that was worse than you predicted, I have a few shows for you to remedy that pain.

Rick and Morty – Netflix (3 seasons – impatiently waiting for a 4th)

Something for the sleepy, bored, or dark humour loving. About a drunken scientist and his grandson – it is completely ridiculous and I love it and you will too. I have watched it about 5 times and I will probably watch it a 6th and 7th…

Peep Show (9 series – on Channel 4 as well)

If you haven't watched it already – watch it. If you've watched it already – watch it again you know you want to. Of course you miss Mark.

Mock The Week (4 series – BBC as well)

It is outrageous, witty and sums up classic, British humour. If laughing at stupid yet clever jokes is your thing, give it a watch. It's one of the only programmes to make me genuinely laugh out loud.

Ru Paul's Drag Race (11 seasons – VH1 as well)

It's not for everyone and if you're one of those people I apologise because you are missing out and have no taste.

It's full of attitude, sass and Drag Queens. What more could you want? Think America's Next Top Model but way better.

Afterlife (1 season – 2nd confirmed – Netflix Original)

It starts off a bit depressing, but persevere as it has a great message. Hats off to Ricky Gervais.

I managed to watch it in about 2 days on the sofa instead of revising and don't regret any of it. Definitely worth it just for the dog.

Sex Education (1 season – 2nd confirmed – Netflix Original)

I watched it all in two days. It is about college students whoo set up a sex therapy business. You will be really invested, I promise you.

Our Planet (Netflix Original)

David Attenborough once again providing something magical yet thought provoking. It's more intense than his other work like Planet Earth and Blue Planet, but it is a really eye opener and emphasises the need for change. If you study Geography, it's basically revision.

Archer (9 seasons – on FXX as well)

This is cartoon with outrageous humour in it. If you have a dark sense of humour you will enjoy this as it is completely ridiculous and offensive. Let's be honest, we all need that once in a while.

BoJack Horseman (5 seasons – 6th confirmed – Netflix Original)

Another cartoon, but this one is about a world with animals like humans alongside humans. It makes sense if you watch it.

It's very amusing and about a drunk, horse actor who's life is a bit of a mess. It has some good stories in it and is a good one for following Rick and Morty when you're in the grieving stage of it ending.

Friday Night Dinner (4 series – on Channel 4 as well)

A Channel 4 comedy it is about an 'average' family and their Friday Night Dinner, with Jim and Wilson etc. If you watch it you might finally be able to understand all the memes.