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We answered your freshers questions for you

You are very welcome

It’s about this time of year that people are accepting their places at university, and getting ready to enter the exciting world of higher education. Three fun packed years of making new friends, trying new activities, drinking a lot of cheap vodka and then crying the entire final year over your dissertation.

Freshers groups are a good way to meet people on your course and in your halls, as well as ask those burning questions. Looking back, we wish we’d had answers from people who actually know, so we’ve decided to answer some of your questions, and prepare you for the reality which is university in a small town in the middle of Surrey

So you now know – Egham is TINY. You won’t go hungry or blind due to the amount of supermarkets and opticians in this town, but if you want to go out Egham ain’t the place. Windsor is a really nice, quaint town with loads of cafes, restaurants, shops and bars. There are some, kind of dodgy nightclubs, but it’s definitely still a cut above what you will find on your doorstep at uni.

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Yes there is hun. You aren’t going to be able to go anywhere on campus in freshers week without knowing you’re a freshers and it’s freshers week. There’s a societies fair and a sports club fair to find out information about pretty much anything you want to join. There are also plenty of events going on all week and you can find out what’s going on via the SU. Make sure you come and find us handing out Tab leaflets and then get writing!

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Really what I want to know, is why do you need to ask this in a freshers group? You’re all going to be bordering on alcoholics by the time you leave anyway. The best response has to be this:

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Reality will come crashing down on this poor child when they’re 20p short for a VK.

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Bless. Watch something realistic and gritty. Something that will prepare you.

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You won’t be able to park your car on campus without getting fined so who cares! Watch out for the slightly scary security guards come traffic wardens.

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Budgeting is not gonna be easy during freshers week. Since you will be going out almost everyday and ordering dominos after – you might end up broke at the end.

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Best question ever but the answer is going to be a little bit tragic. We have Students' Union where we go almost everytime, Medicine (which is still on campus). Real club wise, there is Atik in Windsor which is around 10-15 minutes drive, if you're keen traveling to Kingston you can always go to PRYZM.

There are quite a few events in central London but keep in mind that you will be going there with a bus full of drunk people and come back with on the same bus. And if you miss it, good luck waiting until 6 am for the next train or spending around £100 on an uber.