Monkeys has just put out a farewell event

But the SU want you to know they are definitely not buying Monkeys

Since the beginning of term rumours about the future of our beloved pub, The Monkeys Forehead have been rife. The Student Union’s rivalry event to the infamous Monkey Mondays, Toast, was launched in the spring term of last year, causing speculation amongst students about the motives behind this and the future of Monkeys.

But today, Monkeys Forehead put out an event for 9th December called “The BIG farewell”.

The event says: “Join us for the LAST EVER night at monkeys and DRINK THE BAR DRY until 3AM as we say our final farewell to you!!

“£2 per ticket – purchase from Monkeys starting WEDNESDAY 23RD NOVEMBER!!!

“DJ FROST on the decks all night!!

“Drinks prices to be confirmed, all stock must go!!!


Last week, The Tab spoke to a representative of the Students’ Union to confirm the rumours that they were buying Monkeys, and they wanted to make sure that we knew they are definitely, definitely not.

She avoided our questions, and at first simply said, “We will only release statements to the Student Union’s media outlets. We need to prioritise the media outlets inside the SU.” When asked why this was, she said, “It’s just because it’s easier”. The following is not an official statement from the SU.

When asked about the rumours, she said, “There’s not any information on that, it’s not happening necessarily. It’s basically like you say, it’s like a rumour. No-one has a definite answer to that anyway,” she said.

There you have it, it might be a rumour and not something which is necessarily happening. The SU do not have a definite answer as to whether or not they are buying Monkeys.

So, to clarify one more time, is it just a rumour that the SU is buying Monkeys?

“I don’t know anything. I don’t know any of the specifics yet, but if that was going to happen then the college would probably put a statement out at the time,” she said.

So, although this is all apparently just a rumour created by students, there is something going on that the specifics of which have not been clarified yet. Make of this what you will.