Crosslands is out of booze

There was a beer shortage by 4pm yesterday

Royal Holloway students have enjoyed the sunny weather this week, yesterday the South Quad was brimming with post-exam sunseekers. Clearly Crosslands were not prepared for this surge in business, as they experienced so much popularity that by 4pm yesterday all beers on tap had RUN OUT. Unsurprisingly, students are enraged by this obscene problem.

Tapped out

This turned out to not be an isolated incident, as eye witnesses at the scene reported that the bar even ran out of vodka, except for the shit flavoured stuff that nobody wants. By late last night the only tap drink still available was Strongbow, which nobody wants to pree on.

Not surprisingly Pimms has been popular throughout the whole week, but Crosslands’ reserves of the summertime classic are still going strong. Presumably this is because RoHo’s students are classy af.

“watch out Jane, they’ve run out of Old Speckled Hen”


It is rumoured that Medicine was empty for the whole evening, an unsurprising event as nothing beats a glass of Pimms in the beautiful Founders quad. In light of this drastic shortage we advise students to bring cases of their own beer to the quad, just to be on the safe side.