Two students were involved in a car crash on Middle Hill in Egham

Two cars were involved in the crash

On Monday evening, two female Royal Holloway students were crossing the road when they were hit by a car. The accident occurred at around 7:59pm on Monday and the collision reportedly took place on the A30, Egham Hill.

Credit: Twitter/@MrJonMay

Credit: Twitter/@MrJonMay

The two students were standing at the pedestrian island on the Middle Hill road in Egham when they were hit by the car, and both were reported as having been severely injured. This is yet another incident to add to the list of collisions and accidents that have happened in the past few years in this location.

The emergency services were contacted and informed about the accident. However, when the ambulances arrived, they had originally been informed of only one victim, to then arrive at the scene and discover two instead. One of the girls was reportedly 18 years old, but there has been no further information on names or the age of the other victim of the accident. The two girls were rushed to St. Peter’s Hospital to be treated for their severe injuries.