Bethany Gonoud

Bethany Gonoud
Royal Holloway


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We spoke to some of the inspirational women at Royal Holloway

Who run the world?

Artist completes mural for Royal Holloway’s new library

It took three days to complete

All the things they didn’t tell you before you came to RoHo but probably should’ve

“Yeah, it’s like, pretty much in London”

Royal Holloway has made £200k in library fines since 2012

Our library fees alone cover Paul Layzell’s yearly salary

RHUL students raise £1680 in Sleep-Out fundraiser

They’ve exceeded their donations target by over £1000

Former student arrested in arson attack on Royal Holloway campus: What we know so far

He is believed to have started a ‘number of fires’ across the university

BREAKING: Police arrest former Royal Holloway student for arson

Fire engines arrived and students were evacuated after smoke was seen emerging from the building

RHUL releases warning about protests on Saturday

After much prompting from students

A neo-Nazi protest is taking place at RHUL this weekend

There will be a counter protest against them taking place the same day

An ode to Atik Windsor: The worst and best local nightclub

The GHD’s in the toilets are a life saver

A psychologist teaches us the art of not giving a fuck

About you or anything that you do

A dermatologist tells us why you shouldn’t sleep in makeup

Face wipes aren’t good enough either

Where would we be without our brutally honest friend

They’ll tell you which nudes to send

The struggles of having thin hair

You’ll spend so much on Batiste

Geography students misinformed over exam instructions

The rules were not clearly stated before the exam

Royal Holloway keeps a top spot in the Complete University Guide 2017

We are currently in 37th place

Royal Holloway is one of the top 100 Universities of 2016

Teesside beat us in this too unfortunately

RoHo’s mascot is being changed to a VK

Please don’t make it the yellow one

Where’s the really friendly security guard outside Founders gone?

The ultimate BNOC that lit up our mornings

Two students were involved in a car crash on Middle Hill in Egham

Two cars were involved in the crash

Why do guys still think it’s OK to catcall girls?

Shouting out that we have nice tits doesn’t count as flirting

300 Summer Ball tickets will be sold at the bargain price of just £35

Get your tents ready to camp out

What’s the weirdest gift you’ve ever gotten for Valentine’s Day?

Roses and chocolates are for basic bitches

Is Royal Holloway becoming unsafe?

There were six police cars around campus Wednesday night

How would you define a fuckboy?

There was a lot of anger but no one named and shamed

You’ll never have more friends than in first year

Be warned: you might hate your housemates after halls

Where’s better to live: Englefield Green or Egham?

Who needs Tesco when you can have a graveyard and Spar

What’s the best VK flavour?

It was never going to be the yellow one

The results are in: The nightlife is the worst thing about Royal Holloway

The SU DJ wasn’t even in the top five

Mini riot breaks out at Egham train station

Straight outta Surrey

Skepta might be coming to Medicine

It ain’t safe

Egham’s top takeaways are all really germ-free

Probably not that healthy for you though

We asked people in long distance relationships how on earth they manage

Don’t be clingy