Yik Yak has been kicking off some bizarre rumours about Summer Ball

Bieber would be great, thanks

Yesterday we were given an announcement about the upcoming Summer Ball, the first of probably many minor updates from the SU. Naturally everybody took to Yik Yak to speculate over what it really should’ve been about – the headlining act. Is it Kanye? Will we all be given a free pair of Yeezy Boosts? But disappointment was rife when all they told us was about early bird tickets, and failed to reveal any more about the sweet tunes we’ll be dancing to until 6am.

That didn’t stop us, and soon enough some quite frankly ridiculous claims came out.

Feel sorry for anyone who believes in this ultimate fantasy


He’s not though is he


You can do your best but you’ll never shut down the rumours pal


A cheap shot, but ‘your mum’ jokes will always be funny

There’s a lot of crap on the RoHo Yik Yak, but if you scrolled through the desperate booty call appeals and lecture rants yesterday you’ll have seen some of this pure golddust.