Valentine’s Day is still a great day if you’re single

Don’t get so stressed about being alone

February 14, the day Saint Valentine deemed all those without a partner were destined to mope around crying while flicking through Instagram posts of #luckygirl – or did he? As the day approaches, the collective blood pressure of single girls (and boys) everywhere begins to rise, with protestations of “it’s just a completely commercialised holiday” (so’s Christmas) and “I am just so single”.

I’ve been single for 20 consecutive Valentine’s Days – it’s probably a record – and I can honestly say it’s still a day for single people out there, for several reasons.

Most importantly, there are discounts the next day: we’re talking chocolates and flowers. If you’re really miserable about single life, lift your spirits, cholesterol and hay fever levels by popping out to the shops the next day to treat yourself.

I've never looked at anyone the way I look at biscuits

I’ve never looked at anyone the way I look at biscuits

Then of course, there’s the added treat of going out for dinner and some kind of fun (non-sexual) activity. Be it your best friend or your mum, make some time to treat each other and make a good night of it. There’s a weird perception that Valentine’s Day is only for people who are in a romantic relationship, but I reckon it’s for anyone you love – why not take a special day out and just celebrate the best people in your life?

If your broke, just invite everyone into your bed (oooer)

If you’re broke, just invite everyone into your bed (oooer)

Another added bonus is you get a night out guilt-free. It’s Valentine’s Day and you’re making time for the people you love: who could criticise? Not that you need much convincing, but at least you can try and blame your bank statement on something that’s sort of not about you.

Our first date xxx

Our first date xxx

Bottom line: Valentine’s is just a cute day to tell people that you love them. Deal with it.