Amanda Cashmore
Royal Holloway News Editor of The Tab

The unexpected trials and tribulations of graduating

Could you help me with this zipper?

The Obamas are coming to Windsor this weekend: here’s how they should celebrate

It’s the Queen’s birthday bash

Greg James to DJ at Easter Blowout

The Radio 1 marathon man is coming to RoHo

How to spot a final year student

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

Can you guess who’s a couple?

Friends or more than friends? See if you can guess

Valentine’s Day is still a great day if you’re single

Don’t get so stressed about being alone

We asked drunk people what they’d do for a slice of pizza – and then they did it

Yes, one person stripped

Someone may have set off a stinkbomb in the SU on Wednesday night

‘It couldn’t have been just the normal SU scent’

I took a pole dancing class and couldn’t straighten my arms for the next three days

Let no one ever say it’s easy

A man has been charged after Friday’s attempted sexual assault

Police were alerted to a woman in distress on Rusham Road

Meet the third year who’s only missed three SU nights this year

And it’s helping him get better grades

All the different people your home friends have turned into now they’re at uni

Nobody read your latest thinkpiece, mate

I did Strictly Come Holloway and I cannot dance

I was once asked to leave a ballet class, but here I am

RoHo WiFi working intermittently after suspected cyber attack

Extension, anyone?

Eggham: Third year students pelted with eggs on high street

This is taking the piss

Tab petition: Allow us access through the back gate

We’ve had enough

The back gate is getting a 3m high super-fence to stop us climbing over it

Enjoy the lack of fence while it lasts

Thief assaults students after stealing handbag from car on campus

He was caught in the act

Lethal Bizzle is coming to Royal Holloway


How to make sure you don’t irritate people in the library

Don’t be that person

Celebrating the end of an era: The Liquid closing night

Thanks for the memories

What to do when your dinner party host doesn’t eat as much as you

Do I have a problem?

RHUL in the top 130 unis in the world

We didn’t beat Oxford though

How to avoid the dreaded freshers flu

Apparently you should keep your tongue to yourself

Wide-eyed freshers to spend nearly £1.2million in RHUL Welcome Week

That’s over £400 each

Sports teams criticise ‘Bears’ rebranding

Some teams must now pay £50 each for new kit

Police officer convicted of assaulting RHUL protester loses job

PC Ott was dismissed for gross misconduct

What it’s like growing up on the Isle of Man

They have their own ancient language

New app allows you to record consent before partnering up

We-Consent are trying to promote discussion before sex

Horrified second years told they failed module in results mix-up

Imagine the horror of summer re-sits

‘We want to go through life as a team’: The students getting engaged at uni

Congrats babe

Where were you during the 7/7 bombings?

‘I was just behind one which blew up’

What not to do when interrailing this summer

If you don’t have anything stolen from you, you’re not doing it right

How to get the best room in your new house

Use those secrets wisely

How to procrastinate effectively this May

Facebook stalking is so 2012

How to wind up your pals in lectures

Lectures can drag on, so stay entertained by pushing your pals to the brink

Missing RHUL fresher suspected of joining ISIS

He stopped going to lectures in January

My housemate survived off £1 a day for a week


How to tell your housemates hate you

If you think you’re a dream to live with, you’re wrong

What it’s like to go to a campus uni

My friends in the city just don’t get it