The most dapper guy on campus gave us his style tips

No, not Dapper Laughs

RHUL style

After recently being given the accolade of “the most dapper man on campus”, I’d like to share my tips and secrets on how to look dapper on a budget. So, here are five tips and tricks on how to look smart and shop smart.

Yasssssss bowtie

The man, the myth, the legend

Quality is key

Prices are misleading – it’s the quality of the fabric that makes it. If a suit feels cheap, it is cheap. Whether it’s from a tailor or Tesco, if it’s badly made, it’ll make you look like a sales rep who lost his Vauxhall in the car park. Good quality material makes a good suit great.



Pro-tip: feel the cuff. If it’s soft and smooth, it’s worth a try. If it’s scratchy, forget it and move on.

Dress for the occasion

Look smart, think smart, be smart. If you have a presentation in a seminar or a formal debate and want to make sure you’re taken seriously, dressing in a suit and tie goes a long way. By visually showing you have taken the time to do this properly, people are much more likely to listen to what you have to say.


The same goes for parties and social gatherings. It doesn’t have to be a full-blown suit, but by throwing on a blazer and some smart trousers, you’ll show the world you are sophisticated, dapper, and charming. Trainers and trackies don’t have the same effect.

However while James Bond may look the business lying by the pool in a tuxedo, you will simply look like a waiter with heatstroke. There is a time and a place for formal attire, and (unfortunately) those occasions don’t come around too often.

Best Before December 27th

Best before December 27th

Pro-tip: if there’s a dress code, follow it. Over or under-dressing is in no way dapper, it’s just rude.


Ties, bow ties, pocket squares and pins. These little additions can add much needed colour and pattern to otherwise dull suits and jackets. Got a plain grey suit you had to wear to work? Add a pink or blue pocketsquare to it and you’re ready to make an impression at the SU. If you’re unsure what looks good, ask a fashionista friend for advice on what would suit you.

Rock it In the Pocket.

See what accessory goes with which shirt, and you can mix and match

Pro tip: most suits you would have to buy for work are grey or black, which are well complemented by pastel shades. Pink is not just for girls after all.

Shoes make the man

Wearing good quality shoes is key. Trainers are for the gym, not for a date. Wearing black or brown lace-ups, be they polished or matte, is classy and understated, and very gentlemanly. Remember to always match your shoe colour to your belt colour.

Pro tip: Good shoes don’t have to be expensive. Shops like TK Maxx have a great range at knock-down prices, and a couple of pairs should be enough for any occasion.


Think dapper, be dapper

Putting on a suit doesn’t automatically turn you into a dapper man – you have to work at it. Taking care in what you do, thinking before you speak, and trying to do the right thing at all times will earn you a reputation for being as classy and sophisticated as your suits. Being polite, courteous, and overall a good person will go a long way to making you the dapperest of the dapper.