Meet the most dapper man on campus

He be on his suit and tie

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Most of us can barely co-ordinate socks at 9am on a Monday morning. Even the idea of ironing is effort so we turn to the old faithful: tracky bottoms and a hoodie. 

But there is one unsung hero on campus. A man who not only carries around a briefcase so edgy and vintage it has a floppy disk compartment, but can more be found sporting a bow tie to rival Chuck Bass.

If you're going to Disney you should probably wear an American Flag suit no?

If you’re going to Disney, you should probably wear an American Flag suit, no?

That man is Fintan, a fourth year French and History student who is undoubtedly the most dapper man on campus.

Fintan takes pride in his appearance and doesn’t feel out of place with his wardrobe, telling us: “I no longer felt like a try-hard wearing clothes made for someone much fitter and sexier than me. Accessorising with pocket squares and ties doesn’t require you to have a six pack. People pay me compliments, and double take me in the street (especially in my tv-test card suit), and, in all honesty, I like the attention.”

He's just a bit Bond

He’s just a bit Bond

He went as a migraine for Halloween

He went as a migraine for Halloween

But Fintan hasn’t always been so dapper. It wan’t a conscious decision for him to wear a suit every day. He told The Tab: “I never decided to be dapper, it just kind of developed over time. I had always felt wrong in stuff like shorts and tees, even as a teenager, then I tried on a blazer in H&M when 14 and it just ‘fit’. My shoulders looked broad, I seemed taller, everything was pulled in, and that was it.”

Fintan even has a moto: “look smart, think smart, be smart”. For him, it’s a “respect thing”, he feels better prepared for uni if he’s dressed like an absolute boss.

He gave us this pearl of wisdom: “If you’re in a seminar and you’ve dressed up for it, engaged, and switched on, you’ll make a much better impression, and more of an effort.”

Yasssssss bowtie

Yasssssss bowtie

We salute you Dapper Man, your suave nature knows no bounds.