RoHo WiFi working intermittently after suspected cyber attack

Extension, anyone?

The university internet network is reportedly under attack, causing panic across campus libraries as students struggle to upload and print coursework.

The network, named JANET, has been working intermittently all morning, apparently because of a cyber attack.

The cyber attack is supposedly the result of a persistent DDoS, where the webpage acts as if it’s being accessed by millions at once – hugely slowing down loading times.

What used to be a safe haven for deadlines

What used to be a safe haven for deadlines

The attack couldn’t have come at a worse time, as the libraries are full of students rushing to complete assignments before the end of term. Third year History student Emma has been working solidly in Bedford for the past week, and told the Tab: “It’s just a massive inconvenience to those who rely on campus for workspace.

“End of term deadlines are stressful enough anyway without the added problem of not being able to use the Internet to access much needed materials, upload assignments and print.”