Why are the Bedford toilets always so grim?

Everything is broken and covered in wee

Personally I don’t think it’s that much to ask someone to wee inside the rim of the loo. The beauty of being a guy is we can aim. So why does it seem like half the people who use the Bedford toilets either wee on the seat or on the floor? How on earth did you get into university without knowing how to use a toilet?

There are some pretty dodgy things that go on inside those loos. You’re stressed, you’re anxious, you’ve got an essay to do for noon the next day. You go to the loo, and it seems your release of energy is just peeing everywhere. Not sure I get that to be honest.

But thats not the worst thing to happen in Bedford, as shown on Yik Yak:

And why is everything always broken? Do the college not have the resources to fix anything? I don’t think I’ve ever seen the water fountain working in the men’s toilets on level two, and a different door lock breaks every week or so.


What’s new?


Getting bored of this now

Who are the people who shove toilet roll down the urinal? Have you never peed in a urinal before? Just shake and move on guys, come on.


Do we really have to be reminded?

Clearly people just don’t know simple toilet etiquette. What hope have we all got when we can’t even use toilets properly?


Come on guys

And advising us to use the toilets on level one is slightly missing the point – have you seen them? They look like they should be in a prison. And people treat them that way too…

Lets hope we can all learn, not only topics within our degree, but also how to use a toilet properly. I hope the girls toilets aren’t like this too.