Just because I’m introverted doesn’t mean I’m boring

Whats wrong with Netflix and chill?

“Hey do you wanna come out tonight?”


Every time I’m asked this question, I feel the guilt and the shame of saying no. But why? What’s wrong with just wanting to stay inside and catch up on my favourite series on Netflix? Or even, god forbid, catch up on work?

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with spending all your money on the delicious nectar that is VK (because we all know the blue one is best), but there’s also nothing wrong with spending time by yourself, hidden away in your room. Personally, I find the challenge on catching up on 5 seasons of Breaking Bad much better than the challenge of getting thrown out of the SU. Because the latter really isn’t that difficult.

Halls are just as good for making friends and chilling.

Where I’d rather be

Compared to some other universities, we are quite anti-clubbing. If you want a night out full of loud music and dancing, you’ve only really got 3 local options for everyday use, and most people get bored of the usual Monkeys/Meds/SU combination, especially now that Windsor has briefly lost the glory of Liquid.

Even so, none of that appeals to me. My room may be a complete tip, my desk is covered in notes and dirty dishes, and my floor is covered in clothes, but its my little safe-haven. My own little space where I  can let go, and do whatever I want. And being an introvert doesn’t just mean not going out, or saying no all the time.


Comfy clothes and Netflix… now leave me be!

So what if I’m a little hesitant on the phone sometimes when speaking to new people? So what if I sometime avoid speaking to people I know in the street? Sometimes going up to people and saying hi is a big deal, and sometimes just talking to someone can be a big deal. Introverts aren’t all the same, and no one is fully introverted or extroverted. Its not black or white, its a scale.

I’m not saying stay inside because you can, because socialising is important. Nothing has been better for my personality and my character than socialising with people, and learning not to be so shy all the time. But its always okay to say no. Because at university, you can be who you want, and create your future self, and in fact – you’re encouraged to do so. If you don’t want to be “the party animal”, that’s OK. Thats you. Introverted doesn’t mean lonely.

Freshers especially are under pressure to go out every night, enjoy the less than strenuous work load, and to just relax and make friends. Trust me, you’ll miss only having to strive for that glorious 40 per cent. But you don’t have to go out every night. Or any night really. I made my friends in first year by chatting to them in my flat kitchen or before lectures. Many a night was spent innocently playing Cards against Humanity. Don’t get bogged down under the pressure to go out. Be yourself, and watch a movie with some Dominos instead if that’s what you want to do.