We asked everyone what they look for in a Valentine’s date

You’re going to need nice teeth and man buns

With Valentine’s Day approaching fast, and all the commercial nonsense that comes with it, it’s important to know what people look for in a date.

Do brains or body matter most? How do you like your crushes? Sweet Smart? Mysterious? Cultured? Or do you like them with plenty of sass?

We asked what Rohoers look for in a date so you know how not to make a fool of yourself on the big day.


To start us off we have a guy who likes his girls as smiley as himself. So it’s probably best to steer clear of food that gets stuck in your teeth on your big date. No spinach.


Apparently man buns are still in fashion after all. Boys, get ready to twirl and band it up.


So brains are a bonus too. Good to know.


Flexible with their time?


There’s always one…


These lovely ladies have nailed how the perfect man should be.


My heart has melted, has yours?

It seems we have a clear vision of what we look for in a date. So get ready for yours by whitening your chompers with some coconut oil, growing your hair to your feet, reading the dictionary five times, practicing your splits, thinking of a spontaneous and fun activity.