‘I feel like a target’: Asian Notts students share their experiences amid Covid-19 UK outbreak

Hate crime against Asians is on the rise in Britain, and Asian Notts students are no exception.

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Nottingham train station closed all day after huge fire

Nobody is thought to be injured

Nottingham ranked in the top 20 unis in the UK by the Good University Guide 2018

We came 29 places above Trent loool

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Former Gen Sec of Nottingham Labour Students’ Committee under fire for racist tweets

She said things like ‘supporting the nigger race’

Ocean is banning Baywatch due to health and safety concerns

Goodnight sweet prince

Two Nottingham Students are living below the poverty line for Comic Relief

They’ll have no access to how water and they’ll be sleeping in a squat

Inside Nottingham’s nicest student house

It’s literally a mansion

Eduroam crashes amid end of term deadlines

No one has time for this right now ffs

We asked a police inspector how to avoid crime in Lenton

He kept it short and sweet

If you don’t go to a Russell Group, then why are you at uni?

It’s a waste of your time and money

Commotion in the Ocean: Man arrested for carrying a knife

A knife carrying man was arrested and a bouncer beaten up at the last Wednesday Ocean…

Labour gets lippy

Labour Students Chair Georgia Power responds to Councillor Aslam allegations

Derby Army: Week One Hustings

Derby Hall has kicked off Week One Hustings to a great start. Our side-burned Derby fresher, Elliot Johnson, tells us what happened outside the infamous Matlock Block.

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