Commotion in the Ocean: Man arrested for carrying a knife

A knife carrying man was arrested and a bouncer beaten up at the last Wednesday Ocean…

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A Trent end-of-term Ocean ended in chaos on Wednesday with a man being arrested for possessing a knife.

Notts police confirmed a 29-year-old man was arrested for possession of a bladed instrument, breaching the peace and possession of controlled drugs. He has since been bailed.

The night is strictly entry only with a student card.

In a separate incident, eyewitnesses said a bouncer was assaulted by a student after he was refused entry.


Witnesses described the night as “crazy” with Trent students chundering so much Ocean ran out of sand and resorted to using road grit – which Trent mistook for fake snow and threw at each other.

Second year Early Years & Education student, Charlotte Ballard, was out with friends on the night.

She said: “I was stood there talking to my friend, then out of nowhere two bouncers came sprinting down pushing us and everyone around us out the way. I thought nothing of it at the time.”

Charlotte, right, described the night as

Charlotte, right, said the incident as coming out of nowhere…

Some students told The Tab they had their clothes confiscated by police for forensic evidence. Sophie Deering, a Media and Journalism student said: “We had hid our hoodies under the burger van for the  walk home and when we came out they’d gone.

“The burger van men said the police had them. We thought they were winding us up at first!”

The incident comes as Notts police begin a knife amnesty next week.

Ain't party like an Ocean party...

Ain’t no party like an Ocean party…

One student was refused entry and tried to get into the club round the back, before assaulting a bouncer. This same bouncer was a;so assaulted last year, when he was grabbed in the genitals.

Ocean owner Andy Hoe would not comment on the first incident after the arrest. When questioned about the bouncer he said: “The other incident was a student assaulting a doorman who as far as I am aware didn’t go to hospital, he was checked over by a paramedic as a matter of course.

“I know who the student concerned is as I was the person who turned him away initially for not having a ticket, he will be contacted fairly soon by the Students Union and myself to inform him he will be barred from the club permanently.”

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Eyewitnesses described the night as the craziest they’ve ever seen…

Conflicting rumours arose after one eyewitness said: “It was Trent’s last Ocean, so it was always bound to be a crazy night. There was a big fight in the smoking area. Four students or so started on one of the bouncers and the bouncer was alone, so he didn’t have time to get back up or defend himself.

“It was a crazy night – the craziest night I’ve seen in Ocean. So many people got kicked out.”