Simeon Lee
News Editor of The Nottingham Tab

This Notts student is working to test people for Covid-19

She says the test doesn’t hurt.

Coates Road Auditorium is being occupied by a group of Notts students

They’re getting a DJ down if they’re still there by Thursday

‘I feel like a target’: Asian Notts students share their experiences amid Covid-19 UK outbreak

Hate crime against Asians is on the rise in Britain, and Asian Notts students are no exception.

Nottingham Nightline is the service you need to know about

They say no issue is too big nor too small.

Zero waste shop opens in Portland

In time for sustainability week!

The Rainbow Crossing has arrived at University Park campus

It has two additional stripes

BREAKING: UCU announces more strikes at Notts

They could last up to 14 days

What happens to British MEPs now? An interview with Nottingham’s representative in the EU

Bill Newton Dunn said he was lucky to work alongside people from all backgrounds and nationalities

Lenton’s MP backs Lisa Nandy for Labour leadership

Greenwood nominates Nandy, helping her reach the threshold to progress to the next stage

Notts students, who is getting your vote this Thursday?

Information on all the candidates standing in Nottingham’s student areas.

A guide to tactical voting this Thursday in Nottingham, for Leavers and Remainers

Make your vote matter.

A call for student Brexiteers in the ‘Battle of Broxtowe’

The Conservatives aim to gain student votes in Beeston.

Labour plan to abolish tuition fees a ‘unicorn’, says Beeston’s Anna Soubry

She wants to bring back “centrist politics” and is standing for re-election.

‘Unseat the Tories!’: Labour seeking student votes in Beeston

Labour hopes to win back the seat they lost in 2010.