Labour gets lippy

Labour Students Chair Georgia Power responds to Councillor Aslam allegations

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Here at the Tab we pride ourselves in shaking things up. However, it has come to our attention that certain left-leaning students have taken issue with a couple of our recent articles. We thought it only fair to let them respond:

A big part of Nottingham’s success is its universities. And with the universities comes students. Lots of them. Making the city young and vibrant.

I’m sure we all have experiences of dodgy landlords and poor quality housing; the new regulations make it harder for landlords to treat students unfairly.

The council wanted better homes and better neighbourhoods. The Houses of Multiple Occupations regulations are part of that approach. The HMO regulations have recently been consulted on and students actively took part.


Would Red Ed fight for students?

Would Red Ed fight for students?

Nottingham City Council is passionate about welcoming students into Nottingham, and giving them a home for the years they’re at university.

I’m happy to say how I’m involved, I’m Chair of Nottingham Labour Students, we work with Labour Councillors – many of them former students of course, as do so many other student groups.

I’m Labour and saying so.

Unlike the Conservative activist who wrote one of these articles but keeps his party politics quiet – hoping you won’t notice.

As for bins, why does anyone want to come home to navigate streets blocked by bins?

The Council has made it easier for all by offering a free of charge text reminder service, as another prompt because we all can forget.

But fines apply to everyone. Why does the author think this is particular to students?

You deserve better.

Georgia Power, Chair of Nottingham Labour Students