BNOC of the Year: Heat 2

Time to meet the second round of contestants

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After nearly 250 nominations, it’s time to reveal the second heat of nominees for The Tab Nottingham’s BNOC of the Year 2017. Here we have a sports hero, the face of crisis TV and a certain Theology Vice-President that has an interesting track record for essay writing.

Beth McHugh, Third Year, Politics & American Studies

You may recognise her from a certain series of satirical news features

If you’ve been to Crisis and/or have a Facebook account, you know who this girl is. Not only is she the editor of The Tab Nottingham but she’s also the face of Crisis News! Not only does she appear on your newsfeed every week but she’s also been onto major news networks to discuss American politics.

Dai Champion, Second Year, Chemistry

The King of Crisis, some say

This second year, American football playing, chemistry student has adopted the self proclaimed title of “The King of Crisis” (according to some reliable sources). And unsurprisingly this title seems fitting considering he hasn’t missed a Wednesday excursion to Rock City all year.

Will Greed, Second Year, Theology


Here’s a man who needs no introduction, as you’ve probably heard his name being called out all across Notts. This theology vice-president is as well liked as he is notorious. He will never pass up an ocean, even if there is an essay that needs doing, that was in a few days prior. Arguably one of the nicest guys at UoN, this is one marathon runner who is one of the most well known faces at uni. He’s a BNOC for the many, not the few

Anna Pillai, Third Year, Law

Her spirit is ever-present at Ocean

Anna as described by her friends is “President of the Law Society and an ever-present at Ocean, Anna is immediately recognisable across campus for her trademark LawSoc gilet.”
“Queen of BCL and member of Alan Holey’s campaign team. The girl seems to know everyone on a night out and isn’t afraid to be vocal after a few VKs and Sambuca shots.”
“Most lit LawSoc Pres ever” – who are we to dispute that.

Eddy Daly, Second Year, Chemistry

Strong form

“Social sec of rugby league, cheerleader, women’s swimming enthusiast. He knows everyone, and everyone knows him” – couldn’t put it more simply ourselves.