Two Nottingham Students are living below the poverty line for Comic Relief

They’ll have no access to how water and they’ll be sleeping in a squat

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Gabrielle Morris and Katie Baxter from URN are raising money for Comic Relief by living below the poverty line for five days, from Saturday the 18 to Wednesday the 22nd of March.

This means they’ll be living on £1 a day, will have no access to any hot water and they’ll be sleeping in a basement.

The inspiration for the challenge was found in the fact that 1.3 billion people living in absolute poverty around the world. 250,000 of those people living in the UK, with no permanent place to live. They said their endeavour will hopefully raise awareness of the awful conditions in which so many people are forced to live in every day.

You can keep up with them on their URN facebook page: Below the line

Katie and Gabrielle will be doing a variety of challenges during the time of their project, all whilst still going to lectures and managing coursework. Gabrielle will also have to fit in a job interview around their challenge as well. You can keep up with what they’re up to at my.rednoseday/urnbelowtheline and you can also follow them on the URN facebook page.

This is where they’ll be sleeping

The two shared their thoughts in a press release from URN:

Katie: “When the challenge was first suggested I was really enthusiastic. Now, I’m just absolutely terrified, but we’re both determined to raise as much money for Comic Relief as we can, so I’m excited to get started!”

Gabrielle: “The difficulty of the challenge didn’t hit me until I bought a meal deal and thought crap, this is three days worth of food.”