Inside Nottingham’s nicest student house

It’s literally a mansion

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Student houses are definitely hit or miss. You’ll either be living somewhere semi-decent but at a price, or in a hole somewhere, with more mould than wallpaper. It’s very much a gamble when picking out a house as you’re only going to be viewing it for essentially a few minutes before you and your future housemates awkwardly leave and decide which room they liked the most, unknowingly stepping away from somewhere that could very easily fall apart over summer.

However for a group of second year students this was not a problem as they had stumbled across possibly the most impressive student house in Nottingham. Situated in The Park Estate off Lenton this 8 bedroom house is most likely the fanciest looking student house there is and at £98 ppw (excluding bills) it’s seems too good to be true.

yo mtv welcome

industrial sized kitchen ✔️️

the room didn’t even fit into frame when i took this photo

m. c. escher eat your heart out

I won’t lie to you, it was bigger than my living room

cosy af

Think your house is any better? or is it hilariously messy?

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