BNOC of the Year: The Finals

Time to decide who’s the biggest name of them all

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After 250 nominations, four heats with 20 contestants, it’s now time to decide who is The Tab Nottingham’s BNOC of the Year 2017. Here we have four of the biggest names on campus who won in their heats, it’s time to vote for who should come out on top.

Claude Mahlich, Second Year, Spanish & Media


Claude came out with a landslide victory in his heat and provided us with a short statement about his victory. “ok well, thanks for the nomination, it’s nice to know that my hours spent on the balcony haven’t gone unnoticed, what a great end to the year this award would be. nobody at this uni likes beer more than myself.”

William Petrou-Nunn, Third Year, Medicine

He conquered our hearts like he conquered those nuggets x

“We’ve seen a lot of BNOC candidates in the heats, but I’m sure you’ll agree that one man stands above the rest. A big man. A bald man. A nuggety man. I’d flirted with fame before that fateful night, but with your help we can make ‘Big Willy’ a household name. I’m talking late night talk shows, guest appearances at your local nightclubs, maybe even Downing Street some day… But it all starts here. Let me be your BNOC of the year Nottingham, let me stand as a symbol for all those with big belly’s and even bigger chat, let me be what I was born to be. Let me be your nugget man.”

Alex GJ, Third Year, Classics

A man of many talents

“I’m the Rugby President, King of Notts, Vk shareholder and I’ve got a Crisis girlfriend to boot. Let’s face it I live the high life. You either love me or love to hate me, but none of you can deny I’m a big part of your life.”

Beth McHugh, Third Year, Politics & American Studies

A truly well known face in notts

“Some call me the Face of Crisis, but I want to be the Face of Nottingham (kidding) (lol jks I’m not x)”