It’s official: This is who you crowned the ultimate Notts BNOC of 2022

The long awaited results are finally in; who has received the privileged title of the baitest Nottingham student?


After three rounds of voting, we have finally whittled down thirteen worthy BNOC competition contestants down to just one. The students of Nottingham have made sure to have their voices heard with nearly 5,000 votes across the three rounds. This popular individual had his loyal fans relentlessly messaging our Instagram page, questioning when he would receive his deserved title.

@thetabnottingham received hundreds of messages begging for Soham to recieve his title

After amassing over 1,700 votes across the duration of the competition, Soham Patwardham takes the coveted crown of biggest Notts BNOC.

Soham attributes his success to his Notts Buy/Sell story which has over 1100 users, saying he regularly bumps into people he knows wherever he goes, whether that is Sheaves, Ocean, Unit 13 or Crisis. Often people ask for him to pose in selfies which are posted to shared Snapchat story that has been made in his honour, titled the ‘Soham At the Parties’ story. Soham told the Tab Nottingham that as a result,  “I feel like a celebrity in my own right”.

Thanking his dedicated fans Soham said: “Thank you to every single one of you who has spread the word about my story. I couldn’t have made it here without you”.

The timing of the results couldn’t have come at a better time for Soham, receiving the news right after his last exam he was “stoked to hear” he had won and quickly spread the news across his closest friends in Notts.

Soham celebrating his win

Soham celebrated after his exams and over the Jubilee weekend. You might have spotted him at Ocean, Rock City, the Waterfront, Alto or Detonate blowing through his overdraft  “buying loads of VKs, Strongbows and vodka cranberries”.

You may have even seen the exquisite student “necking pints” which reliable sources have informed us that he is particularly talented at.

There is no physical prize for this win, however Soham will have vast bragging rights and hold this prestigious crown for the rest of the year, officially the ultimate Notts BNOC of 2022. Thank you to all the contestants that have participated and everyone who voted for their favourite BNOC, Soham has gained the recognition that he truly deserves.

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