The battle for the Notts BNOC crown continues, vote now in round two

Who will you make uni royalty?

Welcome to heat two of The Tab Notts’ BNOC competition. Round one had some incredible nominees and round two is just as spectacular. Below we have another five of your nominations, and it’s down to you to decide who makes it to the final vote.

Only the candidate with the most combined votes from makes it through to the final, so make sure to cast your vote below and on our Instagram story before Monday.

If you haven’t seen your nomination yet, don’t worry as there’s still one more round before the final.

Victoria Pearce, UoN, MSc Occupational Psychology

A self-proclaimed Shapes fiend, you might have seen Vic Pearce in the toilets at 3am studying for her Friday morning exam. While Shapes may be her second home, that didn’t stop her from falling down the stairs in front of everyone, which she labels her most embarrassing clubbing story.

When she’s not falling down the stairs, you might catch her whipping out her best pick-up line: “I can’t turn water into wine, but I can turn you into mine”.

A George Green B floor regular by day and Shapes and Sheaves devotee by night, Victoria believes she’s recognised so widely because of how often she deletes and redownloads Tinder, every father-son duo in and about Notts will be familiar.

A vote for Victoria as the BNOC of the year is also a vote for her being the superior Pearce sibling at Notts, which is something we can all get behind.

Seby Bino, UoN, second year Liberal Arts

St. Peters Court is infamous for its parties, and right at the centre of this last year was Seby Bino, nominated for being the guy with the £10,000 fine for hosting a lockdown party in SPC.

We asked Seby about his wildest night out story and he told us about a spontaneous night out in Sheffield for his friend’s birthday. After multiple attempts of convincing the bouncer to let him into the club, he realised he’d lost his phone, and ended up in a casino. The group got kicked out of the casino and broke into a hotel pool, where Seby lost anyone left and had to “chill there in wet boxers” until the birthday boy collected him at 5am to finally search for his phone.

If you’re lucky enough to bump into him on one of these eventful nights, he might just try and use his best pickup line on you: “My wood bends left but you can make it right.”

Even if he doesn’t get your vote, it’ll be worth keeping your eye on him for the next year, you might just be looking at the next ASOC president and RedBull man of Lenton.

Joe Paternoster, UoN, fourth year Psychology

Joe Paternoster is already quite a name on campus for being the new SU Activities Officer – but what activities does the officer get up to in his spare time? We asked his most notable clubbing story, Joe says he successfully pulled the girl he liked and then had an epileptic fit that same night, “way to make an impression”, he said.

If you ever encounter him at a pres, he’s almost guaranteed to have a Kopparberg in hand and to hold you in conversation for the entirety of the night.

Joe was also kind enough to let us in on a lesser-known fact about himself: he has a scar on his forehead that looks suspiciously like Harry Potter’s. Unfortunately, it’s not from magic and is actually from running into a bench.

On top of being Activities Officer, Paternoster is the Executive Producer/Director/Writer/Editor of the NSTV show Little Notts, so the BNOC title would only add another notch under his belt.

Jack Knapton, UoN, third year English with Creative Writing

The so-called “Prince of Ocean”, you may have heard Jack Knapton’s voice on the legendary pre-Ocean URN show every Friday night, where they love to give out free Ocean tickets.

He shared his most embarrassing story at the iconic venue, where his friends dedicated a McFly shout out to him on his birthday – only he was in the Ocean toilets after all the caffeine from drinks he’d necked hit his stomach.

Though, when he’s not stuck on the loo, he may try you with his best pick-up line: “Are you Jazz? Because I want to break all the rules with you”, followed up by a wink, of course.

Jack hosts more than just the Pre-Ocean show, you can hear his dreamy voice on Indie Versus every Thursday 7-9pm and is the deputy head of station at URN. Rumour has it that one of the rooms is actually named after Mr. Knapton, although that’s more to do with the fact that everyone loves a cheeky power nap in there, and so the name k-NAP-ton stuck quickly. 

Libby Rickard, UoN, third year Pharmacy

The so-called “Sports Lady”, we asked Libby what makes her a big name in Notts and she said: “Probably that I’ve tried every sport at Nottingham, and that I talk a lot.”

Libby can’t make it more than ten steps in Lenton without bumping into somebody she knows from her array of sporting adventures. If you spot her in the wild, she’s probably on her way to do a 10k run or a triathlon, as you do.

When Libby’s not at a sports meet, you’ll find her at the White Hart drinking their £1.95 pint of Carlsberg. After a few too many student-budget-friendly pints, you might just find her passed out on her sofa surrounded by her housemates in a game of human buckaroo.

Trying every sport at Notts is certainly a feat, so winning the BNOC competition would add another victory to Rickard’s career.


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