Get excited to vote in round one of our ultimate Notts BNOC competition

Let the games begin

We asked for nominations on who you believe to be the biggest BNOC in Notts and you certainly delivered the goods. After scrolling through more than 300 nominations, we have whittled it down to just 15.

There will be three rounds of voting with five different potential BNOCs in each. Your job is to vote for who you think is the biggest BNOC and send one person from each round through to the final.

Votes from both this article and votes from our Instagram story @thetabnottingham will go towards crowing your winner.

This may only be the first round but it delivers nothing but the best. Voting closes this Friday, so cast your vote quickly on who you should deserves to make it through to the final round.

Don’t worry if you don’t spot your favourite local BNOC there is plenty more to come.

Mentes Tural, UoN, second year Philosophy

Nominated after being crowned “King of Cavendish”, Mentes, shared with us his most embarrassing club story: “I was in Baa Bar and threw up in my mask on my way to the toilet.”

During exam season Mentes can be spotted in Monica Partridge his favourite study spot, where he is stopped constantly by people he knows.

Mentes believes he should win as he goes out of his way to get to know people, mingle and, make friends. He also believes he is quite the “comedic genius” and a great listener who gives the best advice.

Juliette Le Guezec, UoN, first year Mechanical Engineering

After being a local at Crisis, Juliette, got nominated for her reputation of constantly saying hi to people on nights out.

Her most embarrassing night occurred after one of the Crisis Wednesdays, went she went for a McDonalds and got into a sticky situation: “I ordered 20 nuggets with sweet and sour sauces, I soaked my fingers in the sauce pot and then spread it on the nuggets.

“I got into an Uber, the driver asked for no food in his car. As a response I licked my fingers and showed him my hands to prove that I wasn’t eating”.

It may come as no surprise that Juliette’s favourite study spot is “probably Rock City, since I don’t properly study”.

Juliette believes that she should win because: “If you go out with me it will obviously be an unforgettable night. There is no mid night with me.”

Zara Owen, UoN, first year Modern Languages

Nominated for knowing “almost everyone”, Zara, was abroad with some of her friends when she underestimated the strength of European measures and ended up trying to chat up a 27 year old man whose defining feature was the fact he was an online poker player.

When asked why she should win, Zara said: “Something to tell the grandkids? I want this to be my legacy, if I can make it in my secondary school’s yearbook awards, I can make it here.”

Mathew ‘Hoggy’ Hogg, UoN, second year Law

Mathew, or rather ‘Hoggy’ as he is better known, was nominated for being the “stalwart” of the IMS football community and is renowned for “being the ‘meme’ of the teams”.

He claims to have ran through the entirety of Gareth Southgate’s 26-man England Euros squad just to get a cig off a group of girls.

His favourite study spot is Sheaves, although he is sometimes spotted in George Green. He is able to adapt quickly to any social occasion whether that be through confrontation on the hallowed turf of Jubilee or whipping out the air guitar on the dance floors of Ocean.

Hoggy believes that he deserves to win as he is a “fountain of knowledge and wisdom” and seen as a mentor to many.

Klara Lago, UoN, second year Law

Klara was nominated after hosting the talk of the town Euphoria rave, “special invite only”.

She is never seen without her shades on and can be spotted in her favourite study spot, the green pods on the top floor of Monny P. She even nearly got cast in the Harry Potter series.

Klara thinks she should win because: “I throw the best parties in Lenton and let’s face it, Andy Hoe loves me”.

Cast your vote for who you think is the biggest BNOC here:

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