Clubbers of the Week: Feeling alive in week five

Crisis above everything

Sweat, serotonin, tunes and shrieks. Crisis is a world like no other. It’s a safe haven that many a UoN student enters into every Wednesday night where the stresses of exam season and student life, like whose turn it is to take the bin out, drop away to the floor. Deadlines, what are those? 55 per cent module weighted presentation tomorrow? I don’t know what you’re on about. With each bop and beat the worries of the world are left at the door.

Whilst it may all seem a distant, and perhaps foggy memory come Thursday morning, or most likely afternoon, thank goodness there’s some proof of the special night in question. Here’s the worthy photos that stood out to The Tab Notts. This is a roundup of our favourite pics from this week’s Crisis. If you spot yourself or a mate in the photos, don’t be shy, make sure to tag them in the comments below.

Album cover of the week

Lovers of the week

Squad of the week

Poser of the week

Stunner of the week

Hero of the week

Heroine of the week

Happiest clubber of the week

Tee of the week

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All photos, including featured image, courtesy of Brad Wood, CRISIS.