Stop what you’re doing and vote now in round three of Notts ultimate BNOC 2022

Who do you recognise?

It’s the third round of the BNOC competition and we saved the best until last. The first two rounds had some incredible nominations, but below we have some even more worthy nominations to contest the BNOC crown.

Remember only the person with the most combined votes from the poll below and our Instagram story will join the winners from the previous two rounds in the epic finale and be in consideration to be crowned the ultimate Notts BNOC of 2022.

The vote closes on Friday so vote now to make sure your favourite makes it through to the final.

Soham Patwardhan, UoN, second year Electric and Electronic Engineering

Soham received countless nominations, many of which expressed how he was “more useful at giving information than the uni”.

Last year Soham could be seen cycling around campus at night tracking down security and updating students on his Snapchat story of their location in to order help people avoid getting caught and fined for Covid breaches.

Soham is such a BNOC that he admitted that he struggles to remember many of the people who come to up to him whilst on nights out, “swimming in the Big O or raving at Unit 13”. Soham normally skips pres and goes straight for the Apple and Mango VKs, legendary choice if you ask me.

When asked why he should win, Soham said: “I’m widely known for helping students on campus avoiding being fined for Covid breaches last year, and running the Notts Buy/Sell story on Snapchat that now has over 1,100 followers.”

Greta Azzopardi, UoN, third year Sociology

Sociology student Greta was nominated for having the same thumbs as Megan Fox – rogue.

She shared with us her most embarrassing night out story. One night she “chunned” on the dance floor making everyone run away, in her view it was a good thing as it meant there was extra room to boogie.

Greta said she should win and be crowned Notts BNOC 2022 because: “I need something to put on my CV”.

Reuben Rabstein, UoN, third year Film and Television

Reuben was nominated for not only being Goalkeeper of the Notts First Football team, but also for being the “village whore”.

When asked about his most embarrassing night out, Reuben admitted that he once face planted off the stage in funky room in first year after Football Father and Sons – presumably after one too many spiced rum and cokes, his go to drink at pres.

Reuben does a killer Elvis impression and when asked why should he win, he said: “I’m a friendly boy who has time for everyone. Also, I’m not coming out of this place with any sort of degree so this would be my biggest achievement over the last three years at uni.”

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