The moment you’ve all been waiting for: Vote now in the final of our Notts BNOC competition

The BNOC crown is in sight

The day is finally here, welcome to the final of our Notts BNOC competition. Over the last few weeks you’ve voted for your favourite notable Notts figures, and now you have to do it one last time. You voted for your favourites in the previous rounds and now they’ve made it into the final three.

As before, the person with the most combined votes from the poll below and the poll on our Instagram story will be crowned your winner. The results will be out on Wednesday, so make sure you get your vote in now to decide who gets a new tinder tagline for the next year.

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to get to know our three nominees, but if you haven’t, here’s a round-up of this year’s finalists.

Klara Lago, UoN, second year Law

Known for the best parties in all of Lenton, after Klara’s had a few drinks she might bring out her best party trick and start speaking to you in an entirely different language.

She doesn’t often start a conversation by telling people she speaks both Swedish and French, so you might end up thinking you’re drunker than you are and digging up your GCSE MFL skills.

When asked for a fun fact, Klara told us that she “had dinner with the Picasso family once”. A cultured girl after our own hearts.

You might also recognise Klara if you were lucky enough to attend the NSTV x Medics Rugby fashion show from last year, where she walked the run way.

Klara is BNOC material because she really knows how to have a good time, and anyone you ask will verify it. On top of that, she’s “your go-to hype man”, so maybe it’s time to return the favour.

Libby Rickard, UoN third year Pharmacy

While sports and pharmaceuticals are Libby’s expertise, she can also open a beer bottle with her teeth. Although she doesn’t do it often as she’d like to finish her degree with all her teeth intact. If you’ve witnessed it, you’ll have to count yourself lucky.

An exclusive fun fact about this potential BNOC of the year is that she’s unintentionally dabbled in the world of acting – “there’s a video of me being born which has been put in a medical school documentary”, she told us. Though unless you find yourself in midwifery training in Hong Kong, you’ll be very unlikely to ever see it.

If Libby doesn’t get crowned the biggest name on campus, she’s “definitely got the biggest gob”, so we might need to come up with another award just for her.

Soham Patwardhan, UoN, second year Electric and Electronic Engineering

After winning his round by an absolute landslide, Soham, the Buy/Sell Snapchat story founder, has made his way to the final.

If you’re on his Snapchat story, you probably also know about Soham at the Parties, where his nights are documented by his many fans. On there you might also see his best party trick which he told us is: “In a nutshell, getting VKs down my neck in the club”. His BNOC career at Notts might have a future with @nottschoppers.

The Buy/Sell story is not only student legend, but became basically the only place to buy the lesser-seen Ocean resale tickets last week when UniSalad was having technical issues.

Apart from keeping us all up-to-date on campus matters and the whereabouts of security, Soham spends his time at uni across all the best study spots. Though if you bump into him you’ll almost definitely “end up chatting too much”, so he might just be the perfect competition for Libby.

Cast your vote below:

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