These 12 reasons are why Lenton is definitively the best student area

Anyone who is anyone lives in Lenton

Lenton, the student mecca of Nottingham. It’s long been a hot topic of conversation as to what area is the best for students. With Beeston’s Tesco store and Dunkirk’s proximity to campus it’s no wonder that students have a hard time deciding where to live. Or do they? Need I even mention Radford?

These are the reasons as to why Lenton is the crème de la crème. These are the reasons as to why first years have sleepless nights and shed tears trying to secure a house in this much sought after student area. You’ve gotta get in quick to seal the deal and sign on the dotted line in Lenton as these 12 reasons prove exactly why its the ultimate place for Notts students to live.

Lenton’s location is super convenient

Lenton is in close proximity to University of Nottingham’s University Park Campus, Jubilee Campus, Nottingham Trent University and the city centre.

The transport links give you options

The bus routes are great. You’ve got the 34, 35 and 36 to take you to University Park Campus or town, and the hopper buses are good to get from jubilee campus. Gregory Street tram stop is probably the nearest to get you into town or onto campus.

There are pubs everywhere you turn

Lenton is home to an abundance of pubs. The favourite amongst students being The Three Wheatsheaves, known locally as ‘Sheaves’, along with Rose and Crown and The White Hart. In Lenton, pubs are closer than lecture halls so do make sure you do some work between pints.

Lenton has shops galore

You’ve got Sainsbury’s, Tesco Express, Lenton Boulevard Convenience Store, Taylor’s Food and Drink and Costcutter to name but a few, to suit all your needs.

It might actually be easier to eat out than to eat in

I’m ashamed to say I still haven’t been to AvoCafe but I’ve heard some amazing things. Located on Park Street it boasts ‘healthy alternatives to fast food in an ethical and responsible way.’ It’s also a social scene for students living in Lenton. My personal favourites though are Toast, Chaska and Crocus Cafe on Lenton Boulevard. When it comes to food options, you’re spoilt for choice.

Lenton has possibly the cheapest cinema in Nottingham

The Savoy cinema is on Derby road in Lenton. It’s probably older than your gran as it’s the only surviving pre-Second World War cinema in Nottingham. It’s also most likely one of the few cinemas in the UK that offer student priced tickets for the same price as a child ticket. For £5 you can continue your procrastination and take in this landmark of Lenton from the comfort of a cinema seat.

Lenton is home to Queen’s Medical Centre

For all your medical emergency needs, QMC is situated on Derby Road within Lenton. It’s a hypochondriac’s dream.

In autumn of 2020, Banksy paid Lenton a visit

One night in October 2020, a van mysteriously pulled up outside the Avi Hair and Beauty Salon on Rothesay Avenue, Lenton. The next morning, there on the wall appeared a mural of a girl hoola-hooping with a tyre. Sadly, the art has since been removed and is now on display in a gallery in Essex.

Lenton has lots of green spaces

With weather as glorious as what we’re experiencing at the moment, having some green space a short walk away can make all the difference. Houses in Lenton don’t usually come with generously sized back gardens, but Lenton Recreational Ground is the answer. It’s popular with students wanting to lay back and bask the day away.

In Lenton, everyone is your neighbour

Sometimes factoring in the journey of getting to a mate’s pres is enough to put off going at all. This isn’t an issue in Lenton as you can quite literally walk to any pres in a matter of minutes.

It’s the place to be for house parties

Pres usually lead on to a night of clubbing or a house party. Luckily Lenton makes it easy to do both. With town being a convenient walk, tram, bus or cab ride away, Lenton makes the student life one of ease. With Lenton being such a student hub, house parties just come naturally.

It’s a social life in Lenton

Anyone who is anyone will be living in Lenton. Perhaps one of the greatest characteristics of this student ‘village’ is the students. It’s most popular amongst University of Nottingham students along with the Dunkirk area, whilst city centre and the Arboretum is home to more Nottingham Trent students. Some may say that in Lenton you’ll end up paying for the student vibes and lifestyle rather than the quality of housing, but chances are those people live in Beeston.

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