What your area in Nottingham says about you

I thought Dunkirk was in France?

Nothing is more important than where you live after halls in your uni city. Apart from getting your degree, I guess. Where you choose to live encapsulates your identity and once you’ve committed, there’s no going back.

Everyone thinks that where they live is the best. Lenton locals will sing the praises of the Savoy and the manageable walk to town. Beeston residents show off their great charity shop selection and brag about how the tram gets them right into Old Market Square. Dunkirk people, well, it’s convenient to get to campus, they say.

But if you want to know what everyone actually thinks about you and where you chose to live, then here’s a guide on what your area in Nottingham says about you.


If you live in Lenton, then you are obviously a student at UoN in second year or above.

Nothing made you happier than getting your Lenton postcode after moving out of halls and finally getting to experience the infamous Derby Road Sainos.

You think living in the triangle is a rite of passage and so you to look down on anyone who lives outside it, especially to those who go to Uni of and don’t live in Lenton at all.


If live in Beeston you must like convenience or you’re just lazy because you live as close to both campus and a supermarket as humanely possible.

Your life must be much better than the rest of us without the 30 minute trek from the Lenton triangle to main campus and you must be social enough to not mind having to mix with the first years storming in at Uni West Gate in the morning. You also probably quite wholesome, surrounded by your cute paint-a-pot shop just down the road and the many charity shops that are full of students eager to be edgy.

On the other hand, living in Beeston probably means that you are severely unorganised and could not get your life together fast enough or were too picky to snatch up a Lenton house. Either way, your life could be better.


The only reason you live here must be because you thought you might catch Harry Styles walking down the grey streets. Other than that, I’m not sure why you live in Dunkirk.

“It’s convenient,” you say, omitting the fact you have to order a whole supermarket delivery just to be able to eat.

City Centre

You are boujee and that’s all there is to it.

When everyone repeatedly asks you why you live so far away, you are proudly tell them about all the money you save on the after the club taxi. You are definitely a person who will splash the cash though. Living as close as you do to every single bar and restaurant means that there’s no excuse but to go and spend the money you don’t have at two for one cocktail bars before dragging yourself up the road home.

You are the centre of attention – and you love it. Being a 10 minute walk or a three minute drunk run away to all the clubs means that it only makes sense that pres are at yours. Hostess with the mostess.

Look at those views

The Arboretum

The Arboretum would be exactly what it says in the name, a bore, if not for the whole population of Trent Students swarming every possible street. The houses are beautiful, and you may end up living in a sort of mansion with your friends but as you go inside you are quickly reminded that students still live there and it is a still a mess.

You may feel a slight pang of guilt when you and your friends are screaming down the road on the way to the club when you see an old couple staring at you from behind their curtains. It’s the Trent life. You are loud and you don’t even care.

Everyone and their wives, including everyone on uni TikTok, knows you came to uni for vibes. Yeah, you may get a degree at the end of it, but you’re here for a good time not a long time.

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