These are the songs that motivate Notts students throughout the semester

Tunes to get you through the semester

Mid-semester blues are starting to kick in now that we are over halfway through the year. Whether you’ve only written five characters of a 3,000-word essay or are a few months away from post-graduate unemployment, most of us need a little pick me up.

Music is proven to affect your mood and listening to a good tune can make anything more enjoyable – from getting to your 9 am after a night out to sweating the toxins out at the gym.

We asked you on Instagram to send us your favourite motivational songs and we made a playlist of the suggestions. They are guaranteed to get you singing along, or at least nodding along on your walk to campus.

Tondo — Disclosure, Eko Roosevelt

A Shapes club night classic which I am sure many of you already have in your playlists is this banger. This song will make you forget that you’re stuck in Nottingham until at least May and take you on a journey to anywhere with sand, sea and good vibes.

Industry Baby — Lis Nas X, Jack Harlow

You can’t go wrong with a little bit of Lil Nas and Jack. This song will get your head bopping on your way to George Green.

Douha (Mali Mali) — Disclosure, Fatoumata Diawara

If Tondo was up your alley then so will this tune, this song is best to play at a pres as it’s an amazing mood booster. This is personally one of my favourite songs.

Die MF Die — Dope

This 2001 metal tune may not come across as extremely motivational to the simple mind. However, you may find that it makes for an amazing option when you’re doing an intense sprint set at the gym or recently received a horrifying essay grade.

Right Down The Line — Gerry Rafferty

Probably the Ying to the previous songs Yang. Most likely following a mid-term breakdown, this song will help you channel your inner Zen and breeze through the rest of the term.

Bad Blood — Taylor Swift

Before the City Girls and Meghan thee Stallion, there was 2014 #girlboss, Taylor Swift. This song will take you right back to the mid-2010s a.k.a the good old days and is guaranteed to get you hyped and ready to conquer the day.

Bamboléo — Gipsy Kings

Sometimes the best motivation is forgetting all your problems (said a wise man, somewhere). This song will transport you to the land of Sangrias and Salsa – Spain.

Doin’ Time — Lana Del Ray

If you took part in the romanticising Notts trend then this song will likely feel like the therapy you always needed.

Mujeriogo — Ryan Castro

One of the most fun songs on the list, this song will get you shaking your hips in the mirror ready for a productive day.

Feeling — COIN

This 2017 tune by the American pop-rock band is a great feel-good song to help get you out of the house.

Pretty Bitch Freestyle — Saweetie

Sometimes all you need to pick you up is a song that reminds you of the ‘bad b’ you are, and this song is it.

Cha Cha Slide — DJ Casper

A cheeky classic never hurt anyone. Sometimes all you need is a little Cha Cha Slide, and that is fine.

Part-Time Lover — Stevie Wonder

One the theme of classics, this is likely to take you right back to when your parents played it on the car radio on your way to school.

Murder On the Dancefloor — Sophie Ellis-Baxter

Another feel-good tune, this song will convince you that nothing can get in the way of your dreams, or at least get a first in that exam.

10 Years — Daõi Freyr

If you’re a sucker for a good old Eurovision banger then this fun Icelandic tune is sure to become the anthem of the rest of your year.

Funkytown — Lipps Inc.

If you,re a lover of Shrek, classics, funky music, or all three then this song will help get you through every long Monday morning, break-up and break down.