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The Bertie saga continues: Rumours fly that the Portland sighting was FAKE

Turns out Bertie has an arch-nemesis

People were quick to express feelings of relief at the news that Bertie had been sighted outside the Portland building on Friday 11th January. But others were sceptical.

With no photo evidence and no other reported sightings, students have been left thoroughly confused.

One fourth year student voiced her concerns: “If Bertie has been found then why aren’t there any pictures of him recently?

"And why hasn’t he come back to Hallward where he always is? I don’t know anyone who has actually seen him”

Another worried fourth year, Livvy, commented: "I've been to Hallward every day for the last week and haven't seen Bertie in his usual spot once :(("

It's pretty much what we're all thinking.

But following another possible sighting this morning, in the Hallward car park, this photo was posted onto Bertie's Facebook page with the caption:

Hallward Car Park this morning at 6.45am…eating a sarnie. Bertie??

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Posted on 'Bertie the Hallward cat' Facebook group this morning

Some were quick to jump to the conclusion that the cat in this picture is not Bertie.

One member of the Facebook group commented: "Actually, probably not, on a bigger screen, a bit too fluffy for him. Sorry guys…. :("

It was then later revealed further down the comments that our Bert has an arch nemesis that has an uncanny resemblance to him. This leads us to wonders whether this cat was mistakenly identified as Bertie outside Portland.

One comment read: "it’s Bertie’s sparing partner […] lives near Bertie around the staff club area", with another confirming, "that’s Bertie’s foe. He’s probably looking for him too ☹️"

But here is where the plot thickens.

A member of staff at Hallward Library told The Tab on Friday that they didn't expect this uni-wide panic, especially around exams. Staff were "trying to stop people getting concerned".

So, there is also the possibility that a fake sighting has been stipulated to distract students from the fact that he is still missing.

We are still optimistic that the Portland sighting was real but the fact that Bertie has not yet returned to Hallward is starting to worry people again.

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