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‘He’s absolutely fine’: Panic over as Bertie is spotted around Notts campus

He was seen outside the Portland Building

Widespread panic has been caused this week by the news that Bertie, Nottingham Uni's beloved library cat, had gone missing.

Well, it's good news!

We can all stop panicking because he was recently spotted outside the Portland building.

A staff member at Hallward library revealed that "he is absolutely fine and in no distress"

They told The Tab, "we don't really know where he lives, all we know is that he's very well fed and healthy…so someone must be looking after him".

It was then added that staff "took the notice down to stop people getting concerned." Bertie is known to be a wanderer, so this behaviour was not entirely out of the blue.

It was revealed that the Hallward library employees are often approached by people willing to re-home him. But due to his "good health" the library staff are never worried for his welfare and firmly believe that he has a home.

Whatever the reason for his wandering, we are all so thankful to have our child back.

He's definitely going to get a lot of love and attention when he returns to the library.