Nicola Evans
News Editor of The Nottingham Tab

‘Notts Uni Tortures Animals’: Animal Justice Project Protestors take over Ningbo Friendship Bridge

The protest was held as part of the Animal Justice Project

Watch: 3am post-Pryzm brawl in Maryland Chicken spills out onto street

It took place on Lower Parliament Street

Confirmed: Spicy Meatball Paninis have been DISCONTINUED at George Green

They have been replaced by Chicken and Pesto

Breaking: Jeremy Corbyn is chilling on Derby Road

‘A bus driver pulled to a halt to scream Jeremy’

22-year-old man arrested on suspicion of sexual assault on Derby Road

He approached a woman and ‘grabbed her waist’

‘I managed to ask if there were avocados in the Midlands’: Here are the most ridiculous things Surrey girls have been overheard to say at uni

Stop telling everyone you’re from London

THE MYSTERY HAS BEEN SOLVED: Bertie has been fostered by a local couple

They plan to take him back to FRANCE

Latest Bertie Update: Suspected sightings ridiculed as no one knows which cat is him

It turns out there are two or three other black cats on UPC

The Bertie saga continues: Rumours fly that the Portland sighting was FAKE

Turns out Bertie has an arch-nemesis

Nottingham students named as most health-conscious in the UK

We beat 27 other universities

‘He’s absolutely fine’: Panic over as Bertie is spotted around Notts campus

He was seen outside the Portland Building

YouTube star from Notts bags Christmas no. 1 with a song about sausage rolls

He beat Ariana Grande

The best Notts-related Christmas cracker jokes guaranteed to make you cringe

You just got mince pied

These Notts landlords set up a house Twitter and it’s the most wholesome thing you’ll ever see

They bought them prosecco for their exams

‘The definition of vanilla’: This is what students from other unis really think of Notts uni

UK’s youth dish out the truth