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Bertie, the Hallward Library cat, is MISSING and everyone is freaking out

He’s been gone for nearly a week

If the looming prospect of exams couldn't make Notts students stressed enough, our iconic library cat Bertie has gone missing and everyone has gone into major panic mode.

It all started when someone found this very worrying note pinned at the Hallward library entrance:

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This has been put up just meters away from a notice explaining who our feline friend is: "I am not a stray – I live in a proper home on campus and just come here for the love."

Even though the exact whereabouts of Bertie's "proper home" is unknown, we have all accepted him as one of our own.

Bertie can usually be found sleeping at the library entrance or sunbathing on the grass outside Hallward.

However, no one has seen him since Sunday 6th January.

Staff at Hallward Library told The Tab: "We don't know much, just that he's been missing since Sunday. It's a mystery where he's from, but we hope he comes back safe and sound."

Many students have decided to use social media to voice their concerns:

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Sources suggest that, within the last hour, the sign appealing for his return has been taken down in Hallward library.

Hopefully we will get him back very soon – our revision sessions are not the same without him.