Student bus fare doubled to £2

Rumours of student riots as bus fares changed in the worst possible way…

The price of a student bus ticket will be doubled to £2.

As of Monday 7th April, students will have to pay twice as much to get a bus in Nottingham as the council will no longer subsidise the fee.

The move falls in line with Nottingham City Transport’s all-round fare increase which was announced this weekend.

Student singles will now cost £2, the same as adult singles, while all-day tickets have been increased to £3.50 – as the council faces a whopping £55m deficit.

The increase has effectively eradicated the student discount from Nottingham bus travel but students who have purchased a bus pass will be unaffected until September.


Some students feel like they have been pranked, with Nottingham becoming the first city to not provide student deals on its university buses. The Tab has learnt that some political busybodies have already started planning a very loud but highly ineffective protest outside Portland Building,

the increase on the 34 will hit students hardest

The increase on the 34 will hit students hardest

They are reportedly armed with copies of The Sun, although this remains to be confirmed. The protest is supposedly set for 4pm, why don’t you join them?

Sia Raigal, a third-year Psychology student, said: “They can do one, mate. I’m genuinely considering dropping out now. I can’t believe that the SU has let this happen either – funny how none of their policies referenced this, eh? We’ve been mugged off.”

Second year Computer Science student Jack was outraged: “This is just another attack on hard-working students, an 100% increase is disgusting, how dare they treat us like everybody else?”

NCT marketing manager Anthony Carver-Smith said that the company reached the point where it could not absorb cost increases any longer.

He added: “Despite these cost increases obviously hitting us hard, we recognised that our customers were also being squeezed because of wages remaining the same, the cost of living going up and benefits being cut.”

What do you think? Is it fair that students have lost their discounted travel? Tweet @NCT_Buses to let them know your thoughts…

Check the date guys… It’s all going to be OK.