Campus Style: Hallward

It’s early October, and The Tab Fashion are already in the library – we’re not studying though.

This week we took to campus to provide stylish students with a valid reason to step away from their books and call rest on their long library shift (if only for the two seconds it took to take a picture).

Did you make the cut?

Molly was jumping with excitement when we asked to take a picture of her fabulous outfit. Why wouldn’t she? This girl shows us how it’s done in (almost) head to toe Primark, yes girls, Primark–and she is rocking it!


Molly Gray, 3rd year Philosophy student. Jacket from Primark.

A big YES to Sara’s baby doll outfit! She didn’t let a little cold deter her from showing a bit of skin. Her denim skirt from Topshop couples well with the light coloured knitwear. She concludes the outfit with desert boots; it’s simple, but stylish – we like!


Sara Tarim, postgraduate Economics and Financial Economics student. Skirt from Topshop.

You can’t really go wrong with a black t-shirt. Don proves this as he rocks his with this oversized Urban Outfitters jacket and desert boots. The jacket was a particular favourite of his, and with that fur lining, and all the rain we’ve endured of late, it’s not hard to see why.


Don Payagala, 2nd year Politics student. Jacket from Urban Outfitters.

‘If it’s free, we’ll have it’ – it’s the universal student motto. Clive put this into practise as he sports an oversized vintage shirt, all courtesy of his dad’s wardrobe. He completes the outfit with slim black jeans and brown desert boots.


Clive Olimaju, 2nd year Classics student. Shirt from vintage store.

Isabella shows us you don’t always need bold colours and prints to look stylish. The mix of charcoal, black and light grey from the denim jacket, down to the leggings all go some way to bring a little excitement to the outfit, whilst allowing her camel-coloured boots to stand out all the more.


Isabella Thomson, 3rd year American Studies student. Denim jacket from Topshop.

Kate works the smart look perfectly with her glasses, what better for the library? With her use of plain knitwear, jewellery and suede Topshop boots, she successfully manages to keep her outfit simple, yet so chic.


Kate Illingworth, 2nd year Geography with Business student. Boots from Topshop.

In the events of rain this parka has Brendan covered. His outfit draws on the military from the employment  of greens, blacks, greys and browns down to the army style boots. The duffell bag is a good look too; it’s appropriate in size, and in brown, ties in well with the rest of the outfit.

hallward 5

Brendan Aherne, 3rd year Theology student. Jacket from Topman.

Everyone loves some vintage! Aby makes us love it even more taking us back in time with her outfit. Her vintage scarf and brogues are the perfect combination. She leans on a trusted pair of black skinny jeans to complete the outfit – we’re a fan!


Aby Taylor, 1st year Geography student. Scarf from vintage fair.

This cozy FCUK jumper is all Ryan needed to make him stand out. Guys, follow his footsteps – ditch the plain T’s for something with a bit more colour. It’ll surely get you noticed. Ryan gets another thing right with his glasses; they give him a smarter library appropriate look  –  a big thumbs up from us!


Ryan Bagnall, 2nd year Law student. Jumper from FCUK.

Wendy brought her unique style to the desks of Hallward. Her fur jacket is the best combatant against cold weather since Moodle (you can access lectures from your warm bedroom – see what we were going for?). She balances smart and fun perfectly by adding spectacles to her colourful dress and vintage coat!


Wendy Hong, 2nd year International Communications student. Coat from vintage store.

Winter has officialy made an appearance, and with it has come the need for layers. Evgeny didn’t let that get in the way of his style! He worked layers into his outfit, adding a mix of prints to produce this fashion forward result! He wraps up the outfit with a vintage scarf and military style boots from Zara.


Evgeny Kudinov, 3rd year Economics student. Boots from Zara.