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I, Too, Am UoN

Titled ‘I, Too, Am UoN’, The Tab provides you with a personalised photo gallery aimed at broadcasting the ignorance related experiences of some of our very own BME students here in the UK…

Campus Trends: The worst of the worst

This past week the Tab Fashion went through the trouble of sifting through the worst campus trends…

Student fashion stereotypes, which are you?

A student’s choice of outfit often speaks volumes about them. The Tab provides you with a variation of student fashion stereotypes, which are you?

How to: dress for graduate interviews

Grad interviews can be scary, but the right outfit can give that all needed confidence boost right when you need it most.

Campus Style: University Park

This week, Campus Style hits University Park. Were you spotted?

How To Wear Christmas Jumpers

Christmas is a time for outfit forgiveness, and we should embrace that with open arms

How To wear Uni stash

We would have done a ‘When to: wear Stash’, but the answer was too obvious – EVERYWHERE, gotta rep Uni of even when you sleep

Don’t Be Clueless This Season

Nineties style has returned in a big way! The Tab takes a look at the popular teen chick flick Clueless for a little wardrobe inspiration.

10 Ways to Wear Halloween Makeup

Looking for some last minute tips on how to look spooky?

‘Edgy’ – The New Normal

The Tab provides you with a step-to-step guide to help you fit in with all the edgy and ‘unique’ kids on campus

Campus Style: Hallward

It’s early October, and The Tab Fashion are already in the library – we’re not studying though.

How to: Make your clothes last AKA Laundry for Dummies

Check out The Tab’s list of five easy ways to ensure your clothes stay hard-wearing.


The Tab takes you through this season’s must-haves…

Freshers Fashion: Guys